EDDIE GOT FISTED, Part Duex of ??? (killme)

We return for the second (or third) hour in this Lovcraftian hellscape Alyssa has been condemned to. She knew not the tribulations ahead, forging on in blissful naivete, deep into the yawning maw of this monster, FREDDY GOT FINGERED (2001)– But reprieve! We stray off the topic of Tom Green’s masterpiece to dissect the ineffable, from Donald Glover’s This Is America, to the works of Tarantino, and this moves into the #MeToo Movement, and devolves somehow into a discussion about the sex drive of serial killers, and the nuance of gender. What even is this podcast you’re listening to?

Musical interlude track “The Ladder” by Special Guest Diamondback Manhunter on his album NEON ALCHEMIST, find more here; https://diamondbackmanhunter.bandcamp.com/

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