EDDIE GOT FISTED, Part Duex of ??? (killme)

We return for the second (or third) hour in this Lovcraftian hellscape Alyssa has been condemned to. She knew not the tribulations ahead, forging on in blissful naivete, deep into the yawning maw of this monster, FREDDY GOT FINGERED (2001)– But reprieve! We stray off the topic of Tom Green’s masterpiece to dissect the ineffable, from Donald Glover’s This Is America, to the works of Tarantino, and this moves into the #MeToo Movement, and devolves somehow into a discussion about the sex drive of serial killers, and the nuance of gender. What even is this podcast you’re listening to?

Musical interlude track “The Ladder” by Special Guest Diamondback Manhunter on his album NEON ALCHEMIST, find more here; https://diamondbackmanhunter.bandcamp.com/

Hey baby, we hear that bluegrass a-callin’, word salad on a scrambled page.

In this episode, Eddie and Alyssa, the duo that’s as American as apple pie, have a finger in a new conspiracy that is not easy as pie, so shut your pie-hole, cutie-pie, and eat this humble pie. If you don’t know about Piegate, maybe another you does?

Interlude track; Four Clefs’ I LIKE PIE, I LIKE CAKE

Captain Kutchie Pelaez i know who you are…………eddietheaxe…!!.!



I’ll be seeing you at captain Kutchie’s Kutcharitaville

Serving you up a fresh piece of Key Lime Pie



Alyssa’s had a bad day, and now you will too, as she discusses in too much detail, her experiences with bad gynecologists. Then she nerds out about writing again, sorry not sorry.

Eddie has a revelation about reusable plastic bags pushed by the state with the Bag Ban— DROP EVERYTHING. We just broke the story of the fuckin’ decade. IT COULD BE KILLING YOU RIGHT NOW.

Then Eddie talks mess on music, trying to keep Alyssa off the topic of screenwriting (the struggle is real), but note that This Is America had not been released at the time of recording this episode.

Alyssa actually has something to vent about— You guessed it. Screenwriting! We rag on various screenplay services, and briefly discuss management/representatives. This might be the most Alyssa has said in any one episode.

Eddie has a coworker that’s a nice person, and he can’t handle it, so he attempts to bore her to death, but only succeeds in boring Alyssa, by putting her and you, dear Shitheads, through the same passive aggressive abuse as said coworker (who, spoiler alert, was super into it).

We answer some listener questions, we talk about poop, we get into it a little talking about the Oregon man whose girlfriend katana’d him, and, while we talk about the Podern Madness Twitter polls in this episode (thank you again for your support), that shit got extra ugly after recording this ep. (feel free to look it up on Twitter if you’re curious). Basically, some sore loser accused us of cheating, and we ask him to prove it. Hours later we miraculously have an absurd number of votes, obviously paid for with an online cheat service. We assume this guy spent $50-80 to shame the Let’s Get Shitty Show. Little does he know, we do that ourselves, just about every other week or so.

Thanks for listening, btw. 🙂

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And as always, music provided by Diamondback Manhunter. Buy his album people.

With our Thoughts and Prayers we Troll the ‘nets, and ponder the age old question “does a slug know it’s a slug?”
Alyssa bickers with Russian Propagandists, but Eddie’s asking the real questions… Cat-eating ones.
Eddie’s got Monster Hunter tips, and channels his inner Miss Marple in this classic Whodunit!
We also discuss THE RITUAL movie, now that no one else is, because we’re timely.

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And as always, music provided by Diamondback Manhunter. Buy his album people.

Alyssa’s got the post-concert plague! We reminisce about the 90s, Alyssa punched someone in the tit, and we toured the Museum of Death! We talk a lot of mess on our nemesis/rival’s fan base (no, not Trumpers), and look at Eddie’s new guitar (Jackson DR7T)!

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And as always, music provided by Diamondback Manhunter. Buy his album people.


welcome to 2018!
We been here for a week already, Alyssa confirms her crush on John Leguizamo. Makes sense that she would end up with a fiery, swarthy funny man like me.

We discuss the state of comedy today, and review pinned tweets from some of the toppest comedy writers working today. Hold on to your sides, lest they be split in twain.

I make some innocent assumptions about the target demographic of a neon blue malt liquor beverage called JOOSE. Which we sample in this episode. Check them out on twitter! They are pretty great. Then we round things off with butthole news, my boy clit, and proper fleshlight cleaning tips, and the best dogs to fuck, and Alyssa is ALMOST on board with me bullying people who deserve it.


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And as always, music provided by Diamondback Manhunter. Buy his album people.


In this ep, Eddie’s got TWO special guests. That’s right, two for the price of one, you lucky ducks. Joining us is extra special guest Diamondback Manhunter, dropping his holiday track IN THIS SWEET EP. The first few mins has some minor audio issues. But Alyssa, the wizard of the 1’s and 2’s saves the day!


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